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Get Involved


Get Involved
How We Advance Change in California

The Partnership engages and connects every level of our state, creating foundational and innovative responses to domestic violence. 

In order to reach our shared vision of a California free from domestic violence, we need everyone’s participation. Get involved today!


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A Message from Kathy Moore, Executive Director

Our movement is strong and vibrant with the Partnership actively leading the way toward our vision of a California free from domestic violence.

We work every day to inspire, inform and connect all those working on this issue through our three key strategies: Setting Strong Policies, Communicating Priorities and Building Capacity. Applied with the power of our statewide Membership behind us, these strategies are powerful tools as we shift our culture and advance social change.



By joining the Partnership, you become part of a mighty movement.

“Membership has provided me with the opportunity to have a voice regarding state law and policy that affects my community and the victims we serve. Through legislative advocacy, I have discovered powerful new ways to assist my clients and collaborate with colleagues across the state.” – Adam Dodge, Legal Director, Laura’s House