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Publication National Network to End Domestic Violence

2012 Domestic Violence Counts California Summary

On September 12, 2012, 99 out of 99, or 100%, of identified local domestic violence programs in California participated in the 2012 National Census of Domestic Violence Services. 

Publication Strong Field Project

Connecting Leadership & Networks
New Ways of Developing Leadership in a Highly Connected World

This report is written for those who run and fund leadership programs that develop and support leadership for social change. It shares many examples of how leaders using network strategies are increasing the impact of social change work. Our goal is to inspire and help hundreds of leadership programs to question their assumptions about leadership and retool their approaches to developing leadership to more fully leverage network approaches. 

Resource Tool Michelle Gislason, CompassPointMaricela Rios-Faust, Human OptionsDawn Watkins, Women's Crisis Shelter in Southern Humboldt (WISH)

How to Fail Spectacularly (and What You Can Learn From It)

The objectives of this presentation are as follows:

  • Increased awareness of the connection between failure and organizational learning
  • Ability to share a failure story using a storytelling structure
  • Identified strategies for embracing failure and learning from it
Publication La Piana ConsultingBlue Shield of California Foundation

Power of Partnerships: Insights from Leaders
A Case Study: YWCA Sonoma County and West County Community Services

In January 2012, the YWCA Sonoma County (YWCA) and West County Community Services (WCCS) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding
to strengthen the provision of counseling services to domestic violence survivors.
This case study follows their journey from partner exploration to negotiation and implementation, focusing on the experiences, breakthrough leadership moments, and personal commitments of these leaders to the clients
and communities they serve.

Resource Tool Jemmott Rollins Group

Comments from “How to Fail Spectacularly (and What You Can Learn from It)”

This document includes key takeaways from small group discussions following the Webinar “How to Fail Spectacularly (and What You Can Learn from It)”.

Publication La Piana ConsultingBlue Shield of California Foundation

The Power of Partnerships
Insights from Leaders

The Power of Partnership addresses a need for integrative partnerships in the domestic violence field by featuring four case studies showing how integrative forms of collaboration have enabled domestic violence organizations—and their partners—to capitalize on their strengths, develop new solutions, and more effectively serve the community.


Publication La Piana ConsultingBlue Shield of California Foundation

The Succession Planning Lens
Looking to the Future of Domestic Violence Organizations

The publication was designed to prepare, empower, and inspire domestic violence organizations – their executives, boards, and staff – to initiate conversations about succession planning and to discover how looking through this lens can help them grow more sustainable organizations and support the dedicated individuals who lead them. 

Publication La Piana ConsultingBlue Shield of California Foundation

The Power of Partnership
Strategic Restructuring Among Domestic Violence Organizations

The Power of Partnership was developed to meet the need for more information about the value of integrative partnership such as strategic restructuring. This publication features four case studies, from California and elsewhere, illustrating what integrative forms of collaboration meant for the work of domestic violence organizations. 

Press release

Four-County Audit Reveals Counties Owe Shelters Hundreds of Thousands in Backlog of Undisbursed Fee

Yesterday the California State Auditor released a report examining 4 counties (Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Clara) on their allocation of fees collected from people convicted of domestic violence crimes. By law, counties are required…

Press release

Governor Signs Domestic Violence Fee Bill, Increases Revenue for Life-Saving Services

On Monday Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 2094 (Butler) into law. The bill had passed through the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, and the new law will ensure that domestic violence organizations get the revenue from fees they are entitled to under the law.